Take the Plunge

Do you remember your first time? Dipping your toe tentatively in the water. The feeling of trepidation, of exhilaration, the palpable sense of fear?

Then, Splash! You’re in, only waist-deep at first, still within the shallows but feeling so out of your depth, it’s unreal. You’ve literally taken the plunge, immersed yourself in the water, on the way to becoming something that you’ve always wanted to be: a swimmer.

At Splash, we support people to take that first leap. People in Hong Kong who don’t normally have access to or the means for swimming lessons. That is, until now. Although learning to swim may seem difficult, at Splash, we think the solution is fairly easy: all it requires is connecting those who can swim with those who can’t, supported by partners who believe there should be no economic or cultural barriers to learning this important life skill.

So that’s what we do. We bring together passionate potential swimmers with enthusiastic coaches and provide an opportunity for people to learn to swim. Or that’s what we thought …