Kids Programme

Enabling kids to discover the joy of swimming

Splash partners with local schools and foundations to reach young people aged 8-16 who do not have access to affordable swimming lessons and have had no previous swimming exposure.

As most learn-to-swim programmes are only offered to early primary school children, we target this older age group who may have missed the opportunity to learn while they were younger.

With anxiety and academic pressure on the rise and physical activity in decline, access to sports are more important than ever for young people living in Hong Kong. Swimming is particularly unique as not only is it good for the body, it is also a great stress-reliever and an important life-skill.

While the initial investment can be significant, swimming is a life-long activity that can be easily enjoyed in Hong Kong with affordable public pool facilities and the surrounding sea.

What is involved?

The Splash Beginner Kids’ Programme is conducted in a structured but playful environment. While our expectations are high, our instructors are warm, fun and encouraging, ensuring the kids enjoy their time in the water.

Our course focuses on mastering essential skills for water safety and basic forms of forward propulsion. We follow a logical skill progression that makes learning to swim fun, manageable, and empowering. The majority of our instructors are bilingual and can deliver classes in English or Cantonese, depending on the language skills of the students.

We group swimmers by skill level to optimise small group instruction and provide swimmers with a personal, hands-on experience that is tailored to their needs. At the end of the programme, swimmers are assessed on core skills that demonstrate their ability to move confidently in the water.

Are you a school, NGO or local swim school that would like to partner with Splash to delivery our youth swimming programme?  If so, please contact [email protected].