Hop in for Blue January

Blue January is back and this year we hope to once again bring awareness that being in the water - especially in January - can boost moods, health, and overall wellbeing. Our goal remains to swim everyday with special guests (in the pool or in the sea) and find 31 new monthly donors. Monthly donors provide certainty and stability, showing a commitment to our work and confidence in our future. Even a small amount each month has a big impact over time. Follow along on Facebook or Instagram.

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Learn to Swim Series

Splash launches a FREE Learn to Swim Series. These videos are intended for absolute beginners and show the progression of skills required to be an efficient and confident swimmer. We may not be able to reach everyone physically, but these videos give many more people from under-resourced communities the opportunity to learn to swim.

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Water for Wellbeing

The Water for Wellbeing charity relay swim took place on 15th November to shine a light on the importance of physical and mental wellbeing and how it can be found in water. The first all-women relay team swam 45km around Hong Kong Island in a record 10 hrs 29 mins and 55 seconds, raising over HK$1 million for Splash. Over 500 children and adults will be able to learn to swim, be water safe and experience the wellbeing benefits swimming brings.


Learn to Swim

At Splash, we believe everyone should have the chance to learn to swim. It’s the only sport that can save your life after all. With this in mind, we run free adult swimming programmes for migrant domestic workers and refugees, as well as programmes for kids from low income communities.

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Become a Coach

Patient? Fun? Caring? That’s really all the qualities you need to become a volunteer Splash coach. That combined with a large smattering of enthusiasm, a decent competency in the water and a belief in the power of swimming to transform lives. You don’t necessarily have to have coached before, as we will provide customised training. And did we mention the rewards are humongous?

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Be a Champion

We are passionate about swimming and committed to helping people succeed.  But we are not alone!  This autumn we celebrate the people who go above and beyond to make swimming accessible to others. 

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