And Again

5 December 2017

The following poem was written by Splasher Naive Gascon.  Naive was part of the very first Splash class and has gone onto become a very accomplished swimmer (and poet).  She was awarded the runner-up prize for this poem in the 2017 Migrant Worker Poetry Competition.

i miss the sea
and my friends
who swam with me
the feeling
that is fleeting
slowly disappearing
it lingers 
i wish for a trigger
feeding space
with rocks and pebbles
in this new city
boxed in four walls
and lane lines
i see rectangles and blue
the sky and the trees
no more chasing
or tailing games
i occupy the place
me and only me

in the dead of night
behind the screen light
and pointy words
are calloused hands
tired soul and heavy heart
the longing
for warmth and love
drilling holes in my core
sprouting seeds
of sinful desires
until sleep happens
making broken dreams alive

morning has come
i woke up 
to the sound of alarm
quickly dancing
to the steps of the day
with close eyes
worries at bay
fulfilling chores and duties
till thoughts happens
and again i am thinking
about the sea
and my friends
who swam with me

- Naive Gascon