Make a Splash

Watch 'Make a Splash' on Youtube to hear the incredible stories and journeys within the Splash community. 

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Splash Dash Relay

Over 300 swimmers have registerd for Splash Dash Relay on 28 April! Donate to your favourite team or to the event. The Splash Dash Relay is a fun, inclusive fundraising event for all ages. Relay teams race the clock to see how many laps they can swim in 30 minutes. 2 Splash graduates are added to each team for a total of 5-6 swimmers. We can't wait!



At Splash, we believe everyone should have the chance to learn to swim. It’s the only sport that can save your life after all. With this in mind, we run free adult swimming programmes for migrant domestic workers and refugees, as well as programmes for kids from low income communities.

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Learn to Swim YouTube Series

Splash's FREE Learn to Swim Series is available to anyone in the world wanting to learn to swim. These videos are intended for absolute beginners and show the progression of skills required to be an efficient and confident swimmer. With over 2million views and counting, we are reaching people in places like Indonesia, the Philippines, India, and Bangladesh!

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Become a Coach

Patient? Fun? Caring? That’s really all the qualities you need to become a volunteer Splash coach. That combined with a large smattering of enthusiasm, a decent competency in the water and a belief in the power of swimming to transform lives. You don’t necessarily have to have coached before, as we will provide customised training. And did we mention the rewards are humongous?

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Be a Champion

We are passionate about swimming and committed to helping people succeed.  But we are not alone!  This autumn we celebrate the people who go above and beyond to make swimming accessible to others. 

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